Super Bowl Ads – Are they worth the money?

With 111 Million viewers at last years Super Bowl, this Sunday’s game between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles is down to be the most watched sporting event ever!

With a massive audience, in-game ads aren’t cheap, in fact last year a 30 second ad set back companies $5 million! Now if you break that down that’s $166,667 per second. Sounds expensive right? Yes! However the amount of people you are reaching is massive – potentially 111 million new prospects.

But how long is a game a football? Last years game was 4 hours and 15 minutes – if you take off the hour for the actual game time and half an hour for the half time show, you’re left with 2 and 45 minutes packed with 30 second adverts – Crazy!

It is when you look at the stats. Only 25% of people who watched the Super Bowl last year could remember no more than 1 advert! yes you are still reaching a lot of people but the cost per impression is ridiculously expensive – unless you are a major company like Coca Cola or Subway where their marketing budgets are unfathomable!

Now take that information above and look at a simple product like a mug which costs £1.50. 1000 mugs would set you back £1500. Roughly 6 brews are made per day and 250 working days, one mug over the course of the year will give you 1500 views of your brand, logo or message. Times that figure by the amount of mugs ordered that’s 1.5 million impressions per year – 0.0001 pence per impression on your customer. Now that’s a bit more affordable and better value!

If that’s not enough to show the power of promotional merchandise – 85% of people who received a promotional gift could recall the brand name. And this percentage increases more if the gift is relevant, different, has social responsibility or tells a story.

What do you think? Would you spend $5 million on a 30 second ad with a shotgun approach or spend £1500 on a targeted gift that is more likely to be remembered?

SuperBowl Ad



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