Impress Ipswich Environmental Policy

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Our environmental policy ensures that we offer sustainable alternatives across our extensive Promotional Products & Clothing range and we operate environmentally-responsible practices throughout our office.

Legal responsibility. As an absolute minimum, we ensure our manufacturer’s compliance with all applicable environmental legislations, regulations, standards and codes of practice within their area of operation.

Transparency. We will never skirt around the issue of environmental sustainability with our customers and will always answer enquiries and concerns surrounding our merchandise’s manufacture.

Manufacturing record. Where possible we always opt for manufacturers with a proven track record in environmental performance. Suppliers with eco-friendly policies in place will always trump those without in our preferred partners.

Here at Impress Ipswich we believe in doing our bit to reduce our environmental impact through the following:


» By working with suppliers respectful of environmental regulations and laws.

» By working with our suppliers to have an environmental approach.

» Strive for continual improvement and to review potential environmental impacts of all activities in the supply of promotional merchandise.

» Strive for continual improvement in environmental performance through setting objectives and targets in selection of new and developing product ranges.

» Influence suppliers, contractors and other business partners to adopt environmental best practices or » subscribe to equivalent environmental standards.

» Engage in dialogue with suppliers to encourage their participation in environmental best practice.


 » Provide eco-friendly Promotional Product alternatives at a competitive price.

» We have included in our brochure and on-line the ECO logo next to our products which will help you identify those products which are better for the environment.


 » Our catalogue has been produced on PEFC paper. As the world’s largest forest certification system, PEFC remains the certification system of choice for small, non-industrial private forests, with hundreds of thousands of family forest owners certified to comply with their internationally recognised sustainability benchmark.  For more information go to

» Reducing the number of catalogues by putting these available on-line thus reducing excess paper use.


 » We endeavour to be 100% paperless, however, some documentation required for legal purposes require us to occasionally print documents.  All internal printing where necessary is done using recycled paper.

» By controlling the amount of waste produced and reducing the consumables used.

» We constantly recycle & reuse where possible, used envelopes, paper, packaging, jiffy bags and boxes.

» We donate any excess sample clothing or Promotional Product samples to charities to reuse.


 » Some customers require us to individually bag personalised clothing that we supply and at present Biodegradable clothing bags are not presently available at the required size we use. However, we do now offer a choice to our customers if they want their clothing to be bagged. Our goal is to offer and give awareness to environmental friendly packaging alternatives and are looking at sourcing Biodegradable bags for the future.


» We are proud members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (B.P.M.A) and we use their logo which can be seen at the bottom of all our paperwork and on the back of our Promotional Products catalogue.

BPMA is an organisation that represents almost 600 companies in the promotional merchandise sector. The aim is to promote the value of promotional branded gifts and garments through a professional dedicated supply chain. All members sign up to a strict code of conduct and are financially-vetted to provide reassurance to companies that buy promotional merchandise

» We are proud members of the PAGE Partnership and we use their logo which can be seen at the bottom of all our paperwork and on the back of our Promotional Products catalogue.

The PAGE Group was set up in 1990 and offer membership to an exclusive group of distributors, which is restricted to 40 members. They provide an industry leading printing and online catalogue. Their aim is to ensure that members can be the most efficient in the industry. Because of the unique way PAGE Members operate, we are all able to negotiate extraordinary discounts from our suppliers giving members a financial advantage over their competitors. Strict editorial policies mean that all products selected for the catalogue are competitively priced.

This policy is communicated to all staff in our business and every staff member has an individual responsibility to help meet the requirements of this policy. All are invited to contribute ideas for better practices.

In addition, Impress Ipswich acts in accordance with ‘Motion 144 – Ethical Trading’ (as raised at the UNISON Conference 2004) linked with sustainable development which addresses the following aspects: improvement of the quality of life, social justice and equitable conditions of trade, not to overtax the environment, husbanding of resources and active popular participation.



Impress Ipswich are one of the UK's leading suppliers of promotional merchandise, business, advertising gifts, promotional and corporate clothing to organizations and companies. We have been supplying Schools, Colleges, Universities, Councils and Businesses large and small with great marketing ideas and branded products that work since our formation in 2001. In recent years we have we have worked closely and supplied branded university merchandise to help the marketing efforts to new students on behalf on universities. Excellent quality branded and leavers hoodies have also helped us to develop relationships with many a school, college and university. Our specialist areas also involve branded merchandise for conferences, business exhibitions, county shows, music and summer festivals. Here our clients include councils, universities and businesses who look to promote their brands through our huge range of printed mechandise. We supply UK manufactured products such as printed bags, keyrings and mousemats but as importers of printed bags, wristbands, and lanyards can offer branded products on a quick delivery and at low prices. We provide an in-house printing and embroidery service to deliver many of the products we supply and can offer a quick turnaround to customers. Our clothing department offer a huge selection of garments from corporate uniform to sportswear to stag night t-shirts, hen night t-shirts, and holiday t-shirts, polo's and hoodies. Quick delivery and personal service is a feature of our business which includes ideas and draft artwork options. We do our best to help you at every stage to ensure that your order is delivered to your satisfaction, on-time and with a minimum of stress. Find us at 01473 253690 |

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